Bachelor of Business with Business Economics Specialization


The Bachelor of Business with Business Economics specialization will lead you to understand how businesses manage people, capital and resources, as well as deal with external forces such as competition and government policy in order to best achieve the firm’s goals. Business economists conduct research, collect and analyse data, monitor economic trends, develop forecasts and can play a leading role in advising senior management on strategic decisions.

Business economics provides you with the ability to analyse and reason and communicate results concisely. The degree issued is awarded by the University of Southern Queensland (USQ) Australia and is exactly the same as the on-campus version in Australia. This option provides students an authentic, international degree without leaving Pakistan and at a fraction of the cost of studying abroad.


Students are required to complete a total of 24 modules over 3 years in order to graduate with a USQ Australia Bachelor of Business degree with Business Economics specialization. The program structure is as follows:

Year 1 x 8 courses

ACC1101 Accounting for Decision-Making
CIS1000 Information Systems Concepts
ECO1000 Economics 
FIN1101 Introduction to Corporate Finance
LAW1500 Introduction to Business and Company Law 
MGT1000 Organisational Behaviour
MKT1001 Introduction to Marketing 
STA2300 Data Analysis

Year 2 x 8 courses

FIN1103 Financial Markets
ECO2000 The Macro-economy and Business
ECO2001 Business Economics
POL2001 Politics and International Business
ECO3002 Economic Policy Analysis
ECO3010 International Economics and Trade
ECO3020 Behavioural Economics
ECO3030 Sustainable Economies

Year 3 x 8 courses

MKT3007 Marketing Strategy
MKT2001 Marketing Communications
MKT2013 Digital Marketing and Branding
MKT3001 Marketing Research
MGT3001 Global Management
MGT3002 Managing Change
MGT3004 Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
MGT3010 Business Strategy in a Global Environment

On completion of the 24 courses, students are awarded a Bachelor of Business degree with Business Economics major.

Career Outcomes

Graduates can pursue careers such as business analyst, market research specialist, investment analyst, or risk manager, and are often in demand in private sector companies, banking, finance, insurance and accounting and in government departments as well as in research and educational institutions.

Fee Structure