HND Top-Up Program – Your Gateway to a Fastest Bachelors Degree

Top Up

Did you know that you can now get an Australian Bachelors degree after HND? All you need to do is to register for HND Top Up program at MDi Pakistan and get a globally recognized degree at 1/3rd the cost of studying abroad. Isn’t it amazing for all those who get stuck after HND in Pakistan and find no program other than a 3 year Masters or a higher price top up degree from UK.

MDi Pakistan is the only institution in Pakistan that offers the international top-up program for HNC / HND students. The International Bachelor of Business is a 3-year Australian degree from University of Southern Queensland, USQ Australia. Students with HND are awarded 50% exemptions in the program and can get an international Bachelor of Business degree in 16 months, fully recognized by HEC and worldwide.

You can study the top up program with various specializations including Business Administration, IT, Economics, Accounting and Tourism. To register, simply call +92 51 8480200 8480201 or send an email to You can also visit us or we can advise you in detail via the phone, email or Skype.

Do you know that you can now study this program from your own city?

MDi offers an Australian degree from University of Southern Queensland which is known for its online mode available for students all over the world. By choosing online study, students can visit online classrooms 24/7. When the situation gets back to normal, you will of course have the benefit of both online support plus face-face classes.

This approach makes it easy for students to manage studies anywhere in the world. You can get an on campus degree at one-third the cost of studying abroad while staying in Pakistan. Isn’t it a plus!