Transforming Leadership Behaviors

As we move toward the 2020’s we have moved into the new era of organizational change. The world of work is transforming and we need new approach and tools to lead the change.

Organizations are operating in increasingly complex and uncertain environment that includes political uncertainty, acts of terrorism and so on, to overcome these factors organizations must include globalization, digital transformation to re-shape the way of market work.

There is a growing demand for business to make contributions in the communities and environment within which they operate. Social media means many stakeholders have the power to punish the organizations that fail to see and respond to the performance.

Today as we moved into the agile processes and techniques that are operating in the world to manage uncertainty and chaos, we need to distribute the leadership into the organization to get people working on different ways to improve the system.

Human Living Systems

Organizations are like human living systems. We cannot ignore emotions, power which drives the way to think and feel about the organization we work in. Biases and blind spots exist and by definition it cannot be seen unless we co-operate with other who have different perspectives.

So, in this fast moving and complex background, we need meeting approaches to bring people together in different ways to surface and explore the different perspectives, establish common grounds and manage conflicts.

Making it Work

Break the organization of change into short-term and manageable segments and use online or face to face meetings to navigate. Every session must have these five points to think on.


What is the purpose of the meeting? What do we want people to be thinking, feeling or doing afterwards? What would be the outcomes of the meeting?


For systems change bringing together or hire the team with Expertise, Information, Need and Resources.


Develop coherent and flexible plan that allows enough time for people to work on different issues, surface disagreements and agree how they want to deal, find common ground to agree upon the way of prioritizing and organizing next steps.


Ensure the right environment; unfortunately meeting rooms are designed for traditions meeting formats. No one bother about the lights, space for small or large group of people (restrict cooperation and collaboration). By ensuring the environment for the meeting help people to capture ideas and put them in front of everyone so that they can easily work on it.


Meetings are threatening and public speaking is one the common fear of the people that one experience. To reduce these threats, ensure people to know in advance the purpose and plan of the meeting or speech. Create connecting opportunities early in the meetings help them to establish the relationship and get to know each other.