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Why an MBA is Still Valuable – 5 Reasons

More than a decade of research conducted by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), the global nonprofit council of business schools and creator of the GMAT exam, reveals two truths – business school graduates are highly employable and credit their degrees for the opportunity to advance in their careers. Why an MBA? Below are five […]

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IFC Helps Entrepreneurs With First Steps

Learning how to start and run a business often needs a guiding hand. For twenty-one year old Usama Hamid Khan, an IFC-backed Diploma in Entrepreneurship put him on the right track. In his native Pakistan, a country of 180 million people, Khan’s choice to start his own private business – has helped him create a […]

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International MBA

If you are looking for an international MBA program in Pakistan, it may be worth your while to consider assessing the University of Southern Queensland ( Australia ) MBA offered by the education division of Management Development Institute – MDi Pakistan.. (more…)

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