Workplace Health and Safety

This course on health and safety in the workplace is designed to provide participants with an understanding of essential knowledge and emergency response skills related to health and safety. It will cover topics such as identifying unsafe situations, approaches to prevent accidents, emergency response strategies, and effective communication techniques.

The training will focus on specific issues which are commonly faced in workplace settings including safety protocols, conducting regular inspections, dealing with accidents or incidents accordingly, regulations for unsafe materials handling, and hence helping create and maintain an organization-wide culture of safe practices. Participants should expect to gain practical skills that they can use in their own workplace while working towards creating safer environments overall.


  • Introduction to workplace health and safety
  • Occupational safety and health administration
  • Basic terminology & concepts of health and safety
  • Types of risks & hazards at workplace
  • Hazards control steps & measures
  • Common risks control measures at workplace
  • Fire prevention & safety at workplace
  • Medical emergencies and first aid
  • How to respond during earthquakes