Micro-Entrepreneurship Development Program

Micro-EntrepreneurshipMDi Pakistan offers the Micro-Entrepreneurship Development Program (MEDP) in a form customized to the specific requirements of each client organization and the needs of the target beneficiaries. The MEDP ranges from 3 days to 5 days based on mix of modules and trainee profiles. The program has already been deployed and tested by an international development agency in Pakistan.

It is targeted at both existing and potential micro-entrepreneurs and includes additional modules for women entrepreneurs. The program is delivered in Urdu with local language/picture/graphics based handouts and is primarily interactive, activity-based and participative in format. The program can also be delivered in English when the client so desires.

Usual group sizes range from 15 to 30 participants and can be residential or non-residential. In most cases, the program is run as a single batch of 3 to 5 days but for some cases, e.g. students/youth at educational institutes, the program can be conducted across multiple sessions.

Contents and Methodology

-Micro-Entrepreneurship – The Challenge and the Opportunity
-Market and Feasibility Survey
-From Feasibility to Business Plan
-Marketing and Promotion
-Production and Service
-Communicating with Customers and People Skills
-Budgets and Cash Management
-Time Management
-Self Management and Gender Modules (added for women entrepreneurs)
-Qualities of a Micro-Entrepreneur and Ethics