Logical Framework Analysis

Logical Framework AnalysisThe objective of this course is to provide an introduction to logical framework analysis for project planning and monitoring processes, and to ensure that all participants leave the workshop with sufficient understanding to apply logical framework analysis in practice. The program helps participants to master the logic that relates the goal, objectives, outputs, activities, and inputs of the project, to introduce the complete procedure of constructing the Log Frame Matrix and instructional information to complete the matrix according to projects specifications


The Management Process and Development Projects
Principles of Project Planning and Project Design
Steps in LFA Design
Participation as a Project Strategy
Stakeholder Analysis
Conflict Resolution and Stakeholder Consensus
Problem Analysis – Introduction to Problem Solving
Alternatives Analysis – Elementary Prioritization Analysis
Elements of the Project Matrix
Logical Framework Construction
Processes, Activities and Tasks
Introduction to Process Management
Introduction to Project Risk Assessment
Introduction to Project Monitoring & Evaluation
Lead Indicators for Monitoring and Lag Indicators for Evaluation