Gender and Development

Gender and DevelopmentGender training is used by organizations as a tool for understanding gender inequity by drawing attention to the factors that create and maintain gender structures. The overall objective of the training is to enhance participant awareness, attitudes, skills and knowledge of gender concepts and analytical tools…

Contents (can be customized from the following areas):

This training can be designed in different ways to achieve one or all of the following objectives: gender awareness and sensitization, gender analysis, gender planning (institutional mainstreaming, policy development and assessment) and policy analysis.

Gender Awareness and Sensitization training can be a tool for empowering women and men as they reflect on the personal and the political before applying it to the external world of work. Such training is useful in developing organizational capacity and teams to work together in general and more specifically on gender issues.

Gender Analysis training can raise awareness of gender discrimination, underlying causes and how programs can be mindful of not reinforcing inequitable development. The focus of such training is on developing strategies that are particular to an implementing or donor organization.

Gender Planning training is particularly effective for institutional mainstreaming and operationalizing of gender within the organization and its programs. Tools such as the triple role analysis, gender needs assessment and participatory planning can help an organization to understand its internal and external gender constraints and opportunities.

Gender Policy Analysis training is included in gender planning but this can also be conducted as a separate training to understand how policies can be made more effective through the inclusion of gender sensitive aspects and indicators.