Effective Warehouse Management

warehouseManaging a world-class warehouse is now recognized as a potentially major source of competitive advantage as opposed to just another source of cost before product reaches the end user. To achieve this competitive advantage, it is important to choose the right type of operation, processes and equipment, and then understand and continuously improve performance through appropriate measures and controls.

Effective Warehouse Management is a 2-day course that investigates warehouse functions, processes, organization and operations.The course will provide the participants with effective warehouse management techniques/methods and how to use space, material handling, labor and equipment for business efficiency and improved delivery times.


  • Warehousing Meaning & Definition
  • Learn KEY Roles and Responsibilities of Warehouse Professionals
  • Characteristic of Ideal Warehouse
  • Types of Warehouses
  • SEVEN Warehouse Management Control
    • Receiving Control
    • Warehouse Control
    • Issuing Control (FIFO/LIFO)
    • Material Handling Control
    • Data Control
    • Inventory Control
    • Space & Safety Control
  • Wave picking, batch picking, zone picking
  • Advanced shipment notification
  • Cycle counting
  • Cross docking
  • Pick to carton
  • Slotting