Community Mobilization

Community MobilizationThis 3-day program provides an introduction to the concepts, tools, methods and challenges of community mobilization. Community mobilization aims to create acceptance and ownership of the development project in the community and therefore a more sustainable project in the longer term. This entails learning; about the community, from the community and for the community to harmonize plans and resources..


Contacting Local Opinion Leaders
Religious leaders, elders, professionals, traditional
Knowing the community; infra structure, concerns, values, norms, local events
Learning about persons who can team up to be the local motivating force.

Developing a Local Vocabulary
Knowing the local words for the technical words you would be using in the project.
Knowing the local language for greetings and meetings

Selecting and Training Community Motivators/Animators
Selecting respected and committed persons who are teachable
Identifying local trainers
Designing and conducting a training program in the local context.

Designing a Communication Model.
Knowing WHAT to communicate and HOW to communicate
Developing slogans, jingles, posters, songs, theatre in local context
Planning an effective mass media strategy.

Lighting the Fire
Methods for engaging the people towards the vision, mission and objectives.
Organizing people into defined groups for achieving the project objectives.

Planning with the Community
Gathering more relevant information and mapping the community
Assessing local resources and setting priorities
Planning nature of external support required with a time plan
Designing methodologies for progress reviews and assigning responsibilities.