Accounting for Non-Accountants

Accounting for Non-AccountantsThis program is also available as a fully interactive online program. Email for details

This is a two-day comprehensive course on the role of accounting and how it helps in making informed business decisions in an organization. The course is specifically designed for those who rely upon accounting information but do not have  accounting background. The program offers to introduce the participants to the world of accounting using plain language and a very easy methodology.

The participants will gain a clear understanding of the structures of the accounting system, the information it contains, and how it can be accessed. Numerous practical examples and illustrations will be incorporated into the training. The hands-on exercises will explain how the information on business  transactions and activities is input to the accounting system and is used throughout the organization. The participants will understand how accounting provides essential support to business operations, decision making and effective business management.

Upon successful completion of the training, the participants will be able to record and understand transactions in an accounting system, make routine accounting adjustments, understand the structure and format of financial statements, interpret and evaluate accounting information, and make more informed decisions based on accounting data.


Introduction to Accounting

The double-entry method of accounting

Recording transactions in journal

The accounting cycle

Role of ledgers and journals

What are accounting adjustments

Financial statements – structure and format

The income statement

Recognizing income and expenses

The balance sheet

Adjusting advances and prepayments

The cash flow statement

Interpreting information from the financial statements