Practice Pausing in Public Speaking

Based on an article by Peter Hopwood – A Public Speaking Coach

If the speaker try to think of pause, it really strengthen your messages. Pausing in public speaking helps your audience to absorb your messages with ease. It counts as a precious part of any strong speech. It helps to deliver your messages in a stronger and memorable way to the listeners.

Using pauses effectively signals something important. It shows you’re someone who’s in control. It says you’re confident and comfortable enough to embrace silence during your speech. Silence which can really highlight and enhance essential points. Simply what you don’t say, with a pause thrown in at just the right time and place – is just as strong as what you do say.

Strong leaders and influential politicians understand pausing in public speaking can really add impact on their speech and they fuel the sense of drama to their words just at the right time.Pauses counts as strength in business communication.

Remember, great leaders think before they speak.

Think about your words on paper. Your written script contains a bunch of full stops, commas, exclamation marks and bullet points. Punctuation creates a format. Your audience can not see this punctuation so it’s up to you to make sure they “hear“ it through the subtle pauses and moments of silence.