MDi, IFC and Silkbank

Silk BankInternational Finance Corporation (IFC) has awarded MDi Pakistan a contract for delivery of Business Edge courses to Silkbank Limited.

This program addresses the training needs of existing and potential Silkbank clients in the subject areas of Quality, Controlling Costs, Budgets, Leading Teams and Decision-making. The training courses are scheduled to be rolled out in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad during August 2010…

These training courses were developed in Cairo by IFC using a team of international consultants and translated to local language and context by IFC. The overall objectives of this training program is to train 75 participants who are essentially corporate value chain clients of Silkbank in Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore. The three topic areas are intended to:

– enable participants with tools to optimize money through control of costs and budgeting

– enhance the participants leadership skills and decision-making skills

– enable the participants to understand the concept of quality and master the quality management process.

MDi Pakistan has executed a Cooperation Agreement with IFC and is an IFC approved provider of IFC Business Edge courses in Pakistan

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