Improvisation Can Make You Into a Better Leader

Improvisation is a training that will change who you are, Improvisation is a theoretical form where dialogue and action are made up on the spot. It seemed like many of my colleagues and clients lately are taking improve classes. So, I got curious, I wanted to know what improvisation offers to those of us who work offices and board rooms rather than on stage. To my surprise, i discovered to improve does indeed have quite a bit to teach us.

You Learn to Own Your Power.

In improvisation, you learn to be you who are, to be bold, to challange conventions, and to question the rules. When you understand what you have to offer and know how to bring it forward, you own your power. You know your purpose and you can act in a way that is deliberate focused and meet your ground values.

You Learn to Embrace Your Fear.

Fear is an undeniable element of improve, specially when it’s done in front of an audience. What if you flub a scene, or freeze up, or cannot keep with the group? You have to learn those fears to fuel your performance, knowing that everyone gets it wrong sometimes. Failure is a part of every human enterprise and endeavor, keep trying to learn that how to embrace your fear and overcome all the hurdles and learn to treat them as a conduit for greatness.

You Develop Better Listening Skills.

Improve is all about listening, In today;s world it can be difficult to shut out the noise and be aware of present moment. Listening skills helps you silence the noise of your own thoughts so you can hear the thoughts of another person. Improvisation helps you to build those skills in a creative and innovative way.