The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur

Based on an article from the Duct Tape Marketing blog

Every entrepreneur should seek the help of others, but in the end, they have to rely on themselves to achieve their dreams and find true happiness. John Jantsch, author of Duct Tape Marketing, is here to share what it means to be a self-reliant entrepreneur based on his 30 years of experience

Unfortunately for a lot of us, when we become “successful” we are severely disappointed because “success” always seems to involve more work, more hours, and more risks. Is success just another lie that we are doomed to chase? Well, not so fast. Janelle Bruland, successful Founder and CEO of one of Inc. Magazine’s fastest growing private companies, shares how you can actually find success, but it starts with understanding what the biggest lie about success is.

Listening draws ideas, relationships, stories, information, and clues that allow you to better understand the impact you have on others.

For most, but particularly entrepreneurs, this advice requires biting your tongue and reining in your natural inclination, but if you can ever allow yourself to embrace this and practice this, you’ll never give it up.