Change the Way You Persuade

Persuasion is hard, especially when the people have different perspectives; people have mindsets and values in their lives that could not be easily changed. Our brains are faster in processing those opinions that goes in favour of us than those we disagree with.

Even if you have done your homework, and your arguments are well researched and well founded, do not expect the people to agree with you all the time. Everyone who crosses your path may have different view about the topic you really care about.

People rarely change their minds, which makes persuasion even harder but not impossible. People should change their minds and opinions according to the circumstances.

As difficult as persuasion is in life, at some point, you will have difficult task of convincing your colleague at work, or a close relation to agree with you. In spite of differing point of view, you can still find common ground with other person.

Show them how they are right.

If you start any conversation by telling other person they are wrong, you will make the other person defensive.

Instead listen carefully, pay attention, be curious about their ideas, and tell them all the ways they are right, before guiding them to realize that they are wrong in their own ideas. You have to let them past in in their own perspectives, beliefs and biases.Some of us think that the best way to help people change their minds is to show them first that they are right.

When you tell someone that they are wrong, you will get offended because it feels like the personal attack on their intellect. Once you do that, the chance of convincing them or connecting with them goes out from the window. People usually persuaded better by the reasons which they have discovered by themselves than by those who have come from the minds of others.

Aim to connect – Be kind first, be right later.

Everyone should remember that, to argue and win, one should breakdown the reality of person you are arguing against. It is painful to lose your reality, so be kind, even if you are right. Keep your mind open, and do not make them feel worse about their ideas and try to give them respect to their ideas and beliefs. In a conversation, one can easily forget to goal to connect with the other person, and they collaborate with them. Focusing on just winning can backfire – connect first