Value Added Services

We believe that training should not stop at the conclusion of a training program. Our clients often tell us that while the training was fantastic and they learned a lot of new information, they still experience difficulty sometime – while on the job – to remember every little detail they learned in the training.

Learning is more than a one-stage event and it takes time to apply. Learning opportunities are leveraged when post training support is available on an as-and-when-needed basis. Keeping in view the significance of post training support, MDi offers the following value-added-services to it’s clients.


value added services

Two for One

Participation in our in-house training programs on any of the courses on I.T or Finance will make you eligible for one month free access to our online portfolio of related courses.

Stay in Touch

We offer both e-learning and in-house training participants to stay in e-contact with our in-house trainers whenever they need extra support, answers to questions, or just a quick tip.

Virtual Connection

MDi offers virtual sessions after the training to address specific topics which the participants have an appetite to learn.

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