Micro-Learning in Pakistan

In Pakistan the concept is still new, though micro learning has been around in the online learning circles for at least a few years now.

2017 however is the year expected to gain considerable grounds in the field of online learning or e-learning. The idea of micro learning comes from micro content or bits of digital information. Micro learning is an online learning concept based on small, very specific bursts of learning material. Some arguments below will help you grasp the concept to its core.

Time is not a valid indicator of learning

Time is not a valid indicator of how much learning is done. Scientific research and simple logic confirm this proposition. Specificity of the material being learnt is a more appropriate yardstick than simple clock hours.

In other words we do not necessarily need time in large amounts to learn something if the content being learnt is specific and to the point.

Fight your forgetting curve

Information retention declines over time – people forget things. Forgetting has a purpose though. It helps your brain to avoid information overload and to prioritize things. Research suggests that learning retention increases if learning content is delivered in chunks or bite sized segments.

Chunking here is a general term for taking a topic, training, class, course, or other learning object, and breaking it into smaller pieces.

Who uses micro learning?

Everybody. Yes everyone – from individuals through their daily life experiences to organizations through their use of robust technology as a means to deliver and strengthen a learned corporate society. More and more international organizations are using micro learning today to build on their human capital. It is a cheap, flexible and quick-to-deploy training methodology.

Micro learning methodology is hence simple yet a planned strategic process for creating, harvesting, and retaining knowledge.

How can MDi help you with this?

MDi is the pioneer of micro learning in Pakistan. In addition to providing online micro learning courses, we offer state-of-the-art online learning management system (LMS) and performance management system to help our clients with their organizational training and education needs.

Any inquiry related to e-learning  LMS implementation at organizational level can be forwarded to info@mdi.com.pk

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