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Featured Student – Asim Ayaz

Asim Ayaz is working as a Senior Project Manager at STC, the topmost leading telecom company in the Middle East. He is currently pursuing his MBA in Finance from the University of Southern Queensland (USQ Australia) at MDi Pakistan. This is what he has to say about his experience:

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Featured Student – Arham Tausif

The featured student is Arham Tausif. Arham works as an Account Manager at J. Walter Thompson in Islamabad. He has worked in the advertising industry since 2013 with a short stint in the tech sector developing apps and video/audio content and streaming platforms. This is what Arham says about why he joined the USQ Australia MBA program at MDi Pakistan:

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MBA Project Management

The next wave of project managers working world-wide on some of the most exciting projects imaginable is those who have general management skills as well as special project management knowledge. The MBA Project Management specialization offered by University of Southern Queensland (USQ Australia) at MDi Pakistan is exactly the program that will give you the skills and knowledge needed to manage small, medium and large-sized projects as a senior team leader, project manager or project director.

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Strategic HR Management

The term “Strategic HR” is heard a lot these days but it is not clear even to many HR managers what exactly Strategic HR is. Strategic HR is really about HR becoming an integral part of the organization’s long term business goals and going beyond the people administration and development role that HR has usually been associated with. Larger firms are now outsourcing the administrative HR elements so they can focus on the strategic part.

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Digital Transformation – What is it Exactly?

What is digital transformation? Digital transformation involves the introduction and deployment of digital technology across all aspects of an organization. This can create a fundamental change in how the organization operates and how it interacts with employees, customers, suppliers and partners. Sometimes this means leaving behind existing and established processes and replacing these with new ones.

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The Value of an MBA

There are many considerations of course that define the real value of an MBA such as the university and its curriculum, the quality of faculty and their academic and industry exposure, etc. But here is an essential truth about acquiring an MBA that not many people are going to tell you: what you put into the MBA in terms of your own engagement with the subject matter and assessing the potential application of theory is what will largely define the real value of the MBA to you as an individual and as a professional.

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Building a Strategy – 5 Key Questions

Based on an article in Harvard Business Review by Roger Martin

Strategy is sometimes made out to be much more complex than it actually is. This is usually because of too much focus on complex-sounding tools like environmental scans, SWOT analysis, PEST analysis, financial modeling etc. Another issue seems to be that strategy is thought to be about some conceptual and deep into the future stuff.  Building a strategy does not have to be a complex approach. We can simplify strategy by thinking of it as a set of answers to 5 interlinked questions in a specific sequence…

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