Arsal Ahmed Shahzada completed his MBA Global Business Management program with USQ in February 2020. This is what he had to say about his experience at MDi Pakistan:

I decided to pursue a ‘Masters’ degree from Management Development Institute (MDi) after earlier completing a Bachelors program at the same institute. The favorable experience I had during my BBA meant that it was an easy decision to continue my academic journey at the same place. Additionally, MDi’s partnership with the University of Southern Queensland (USQ) allowed me to opt for one of the top post-graduate programs available in Pakistan.

I found the USQ MBA Global Business program to be both enriching and challenging. It helped me develop critical thinking and problem solving skills in a research based environment. I feel confident that the practical implementation of the lessons learned during the program will help me as I look to further my career in the professional landscape. I also appreciate the emphasis on entrepreneurship, sustainability and ethical decision making that the program encourages.

As I did during my BBA, I found the MDi faculty and staff to be extremely helpful and approachable. This is largely due to a supportive culture which helped me focus on my education comfortably. I also express my gratitude to the student counselors and course leaders at USQ who were equally supportive and helped me throughout my program.

I wish both MDi and USQ continued success and recommend the program to students who are looking to pursue a high quality qualification in a relaxed environment.