Aamir Tanveer Butt Ex Project Manager at SABIC Terminal Services Company Jubail Saudi Arabia completed his MBA Finance degree during last three years of his 26 years career in the Petrochemical Industry in Saudi Arabia. The key goal was to learn latest financial management techniques to integrate science knowledge with business skills to support organization and community. This is what he had to say about his experience at MDi Pakistan:

It was an excellent experience to complete a quality MBA Degree on-the- job through MDi. I learnt about financial management tools and techniques in the latest disruptive digital environment. The first three semesters were quite challenging for me to continue academic study with 10 hours a day busy job plus family obligations in Saudi Arabia but with effective time management and full support of MDi management and  staff, the task was completed well.

The accredited graduate degrees helps working professionals to achieve a competitive edge, enhance professional career by learning innovative and creative techniques to achieve personal and organizational goals as well as managing routine business tasks efficiently.