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Handling Difficult People: 7 Things to Remember

Every one encounters difficult people. In fact, if you think objectively and hard enough, you were probably a difficult person yourself not too long ago! What happened? Were you really angry and hurt? Was it embarrassment or frustration? So when other people go through this difficult series of emotions and seem difficult, here are 7 things for you to remember:

1- Listen quietly

This is the go-to approach when all else fails – a great emotional tension reducer. The tension goes down several notches.

2- Stay calm

One difficult person is enough in your life now – you don’t want to lose control and become another difficult person too.

3- Just be yourself

If you are upset, say so. Don’t pretend to be otherwise.

4- Be understanding

When the other person senses that you care enough to understand, the tension goes doen one notch

5- Be respectful

Think about how you would want to be treated. Do not be sarcastic or disrespectful under any circumstances. Giving respect is the first step to gaining respect.

6- Choose the words you speak more carefully

Because once those words go out, they cannot be pulled back

7- Confront the issues

Tackle the issues – don’t avoid them – in a matter-of-fact way. Sugar coating a problem or pretending it doesn’t exist reduces your credibility.

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