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Compelling Marketing Messages

Compelling Marketing PropositionsAs organizations big and small ponder over their marketing strategy for 2014 and beyond, everyone can do with some inspiration on what strategies to follow, what mindset to adopt and how to do things differently when it comes to engaging prospects and customers. Thinking really hard about your target market and what proposition would add non-linear gains for your clients is what creates marketing differentiation…

I remember about 3 or 4 years ago, I was looking around for a small business CRM and marketing automation solution for my company and the two companies I kept looking at again and again were the ones with really compelling propositions.

The first was Infusionsoft with their proposition that they would help their small business clients to “double your business or your money back”  and the second was Hubspot, a relative newcomer at the time with their new inbound marketing mantra of getting found on the web more easily through SEO and high-value content. Both companies have become enormous successes – because they were able to figure out and help with the raw nerve of many small businesses around  the world.

I didn’t actually become a customer (the annual subscription was a bit more than I had budgeted for and it is much more now) and eventually I cobbled together a quite effective WordPress-based platform at zero cost (but that is another story). But I still find myself navigating to these sites to read their blogs and remain amazed at their ability to offer value to casual website visitors as well as to paying customers.


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