No matter what you do for a living, what industry you work in, or how far into your career you are, it’s likely that you have had the opportunity to work from home at one point or another. While many see working remotely as the ultimate work perk, it can sometimes be difficult to achieve maximum productivity when it becomes your routine due to the many distractions workers often face when working in the same place that they relax.

Successfully managing yourself can be challenging, but it is important to master this skill early and to use it often. This is a crucial skill to master, as those that are able to self-manage are more effective at their jobs and generally are happier and less stressed at work. While some distractions feel inevitable, there are steps you can take to minimize their effect on your productivity. One easy way to manage distractions is to create boundaries with friends, partners, and roommates by letting them know that you won’t be able to interact with them when you are working.

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