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The Psychology of Entrepreneurship

Matthew Hussey’s rise to success as a speaker and a coach has been meteoric. From beginning as a one to one coach working with people in coffee shops, he now runs programs across the globe for people looking to take every area of their lives to the next level. In this video, he provides an informative and powerful lecture titled: The Psychology of Entrepreneurship. It is a long video (over an hour) but it is simply brilliant and an inspiration to all young people


Running Board Meetings – Six Tips

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If your entrepreneurial business has just started convening meetings of the Board of Directors, it will be important to ensure you do not end up having pointless lengthy conversations leading to ‘zero results’. With some careful planning and foresight, you can make these meetings livelier, engaging, effective and highly productive.

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Board Meetings

Minimum Viable Product – MVP

The minimum viable product (MVP), as defined by Eric Ries in his book the Lean Startup, is a learning vehicle. It allows you to test an idea by exposing an early version of your product to the target users and customers, to collect the relevant data, and to learn form it. For instance, to test the viability of using ads as the major revenue source, you could release an early product increment with fake ads, and measure if and how often people click on them.

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Minimum Viable Product

Pinterest – A Marketers Guide

Pinterest has quickly become the fastest-growing social media site based on its huge popularity with women, as well as its unlimited potential as a marketing tool for businesses. “Pins” help companies promote their products, develop their brand personalities, drive tremendous referral traffic to their websites, and gain exposure among the Pinterest community


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