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Most organizations and executives do not always have the time or budget to attend classroom training away from work. The online training programs available on this portal are intended to provide free or low-cost learning opportunities to such organizations and professionals. The programs are based on the Micro-Learning  and Learning through Quizzes (LTQ) concepts where you get concise and actionable learning about the topic in just an hour or two, perhaps in just one sitting. The focus of such training is to address very specific needs very quickly. 

The programs consist of a combination of text, images, quizzes, videos, presentations, audio, course summaries and useful web resources. 
There is also a discussion area for each course to enable social learning, sharing of resources and seeking help and advice.

    Available courses

    Cash is the life blood of any business entity. As a business executive or owner, you MUST have a firm grasp of cash flows coming in and going out of the organization. In this course, we will help you get face to face with cash, understand your business costs, and highlight basic strategies to create and maintain cash flows.  

    This micro-learning based course describes some practical steps that one can employ today to develop and implement a budget and start the budgeting process in a business or organization. The course gives a concise explanation of what a budget is, how it is developed and what benefits it offers for an organization seeking short term financial stability and effective long term business planning.

    This course talks about the effectiveness of using Plain English in writing. Too often, when writing any business letter or professional email, we find ourselves thinking how to start, what to write and searching for ideas and words just to make sure our writing does not look basic. In trying to find decorative words and long paragraphs, the script loses its purpose and quite often, it is either misunderstood, not considered important or not actioned. 

    What if we are able to put our opinions to one side and solely concentrate on what the other person is saying? Call it empathy or an affinity to others, the point is to understand and respect the beliefs others have. 

    A strong opening can multiply the impact of your presentation. A weak opening can ruin it. So what are the best ways to start a presentation?  

    The course has been designed with one aim: to help you to learn how to write with greater impact in professional settings. While the principles you will learn will help you to write more effectively in general, the focus of the course is Business Writing. 

    This course provides an introduction to the concept of marketing, marketing research, identification of who your customers are, marketing mix (4Ps) and market plan development. 

    Without a strategy and methodology for effective interviewing, you end up selecting a person based on an overall impression and intuition rather than diligent scrutiny of the applicant’s abilities and potential. So how does one ensure better selection?  Well, there are no guarantees of course but this course will help to ensure the odds are tilted in your favor. 

    This course explores what entrepreneurship is and isn't, some ways to define entrepreneurship and how many people misunderstand what starting and running a business means. There is also an explanation of the key traits of successful entrepreneurs.