Zahid Younas

Zahid Younas worked previously as a Change Manager-Business Applications in Telenor. He has since transferred to a more senior managerial position in Zong. Zahid completed his USQ BBA at MDi Pakistan then joined the USQ MBA program. He then completed his MBA Global Business Management

This is what he had to say about his experience at MDi:

“Being an alumnus of USQ BBA program, choosing MBA from MDi was a very straight forward option for me. Based on my prior study experience, I knew for sure that the USQ MBA degree was what would further boost my knowledge, skills and eventually my work experience. The program was highly flexible and it catered to my expectation in such a way that I was able to manage both my work routine and study schedule without any hassle. I opted for Global Business Management as my specialization and was surprised to see its coursework’s relevance and accuracy of design with global business environment used around the world. My current job is of the same global nature and it has helped me further build on my knowledge and widened my horizon.

I would recommend this to all business professionals who are looking for a most affordable, flexible and authentic international degree right here in Pakistan without moving away from their comfort zone.”

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