Waleed Khan

Sardar Waleed Khan graduated in June 2013 with an MBA Global Business Management from USQ Australia. He is currently Director Programs and Finance at an NGO called Kashmir Institute of International Relations (KIIR).

This is what he had to say about his experience:

“After finishing my bachelor degree, I was bombarded with different options of studying locally and internationally but MDi was the only provider that was local with a global degree offering. The internationally recognized degree from USQ Australia was just the start of a lot of advantages of studying at MDi.

The program is contemporary and relevant. The combination of theory applied to real-life case studies helped greatly in thinking about various perspectives and building my analytical skills. The USQ MBA program at MDi is also different from what is taught in other institutes because it involves international business and the global market, explaining how international players affect not just foreign but also our domestic market.

Another advantage for the students of MDi is that the program is constructed in a flexible way that makes it easier for working professionals to balance their work, family and study commitments.

In an increasingly competitive world, it has become necessary to have some real differentiation in your CV. This is what MDi has provided me: the ability to have an international quality learning experience and degree at a reasonable cost.

Now that I have finished my MBA, MDi and USQ have offered me the opportunity of a life time to go to the main campus of USQ in Toowoomba, Australia. This is not only a great reward of the studies completed at MDi but also an exposure to one of the most economically strong countries of the world. Just observing the mental attitude and technological advancement of such a modern country provides a lot of learning and exposure.”

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