Ursala Jogezai

Ursala is a dental surgeon by profession. Having received her dental degree in 2003, she acquired substantial experience in the field of dentistry. She passed the national board exam of the US in 2004 and was then working towards receiving a membership of the Royal College of Surgeons of England. She worked in a tertiary care hospital (PIMS Islamabad) for nearly four years and gained experience in private practice working at one of the best dental practices in Islamabad, Rahman & Rahman Dental Surgeons.

Simultaneously, she has also been involved with a charity trust, Thali, and has written articles for various blogs and magazines. Ursala moved to the UK in 2009 and having recently finished her licensure exams, is now working towards starting work as an associate dentist there.

Her appetite for exploring life and undertaking a variety of activities is what led her to choose USQ-MDi for a higher degree. This was a program that was completely different from what she had been used to. She now holds an MBA from the University of Southern Queensland (USQ), a Bachelors in Dental Surgery from University of Health Sciences, Lahore and a Bachelors in Science from the University of Punjab.

This is what she had to say about his experience at MDi:

“Before I started the MBA at USQ, I felt like I needed to try something different in my academic life besides dentistry as I felt very limited in my field since it is quite a specialized one. I chose MBA because it seemed like a fitting option for a future dentist with her own practice. That is my long term goal and the study of management ties up with most fields of life.

I chose USQ because not only did it offer me a very flexible program which enabled me to continue work in my own profession but also helped me gain a masters degree from a very reputable institution. My experience there was excellent. I learned a lot, made some great friends and came out with an international MBA in my hand.

The USQ MBA at MDi Pakistan is definitely one of the best options available in the country.”

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