Saqib Riaz

Saqib is a young and dynamic professional who completed his USQ BBA at MDi Pakistan then joined the USQ MBA program as well as an internship at MDi Pakistan. He performed so well as an intern that he was eventually recruited into MDi Pakistan as a full-time executive. Saqib completed his MBA International Business with distinction. He is currently employed in the HR department of Khushhali Bank.

This is what he had to say about his journey at MDi Pakistan:

“As an individual starting in his professional career, I wanted to ascertain the best academic program for myself. The MBA program at University of Southern Queensland (USQ) suited my needs exceptionally well and also provided the necessary flexibility.

I started my program in 2009 and wanted to work through one course at a time initially. This allowed me to determine if I could manage my own responsibilities as well as my education. Eventually, I shifted to the full program and found the support from MDi to be very helpful. I was able to pursue my education and also develop my career simultaneously.

Overall I enjoyed the content from the USQ MBA immensely. It covers both theory as well as practical application and I was able to apply a large portion of it to my work. The program was also quite challenging with varying degrees of difficulties in courses.

I completed my MBA program in early 2013 and Alhamdulillah am also the recipient of the USQ International Partner Award for 2012. I’m glad to see my hard work has paid off and look forward to a bright future Insha’Allah”

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