Sadia Manzoor

Sadia graduated with a BSc (Hons) degree in Business from the University of London then joined the USQ Australia MBA program at MDi Pakistan.

This is what she had to say about her experience at MDi:

“As a result of my Bachelor degree, I had an understanding of business on a national and global scale and how organizations function. However, I was very keen to further learn about the global business environment in depth; how international business strategies are used and managed, and what is needed to be kept in mind while operating business in another country.

After hearing about MDi offering its Australian program in Islamabad, I was compelled to pursue an MBA in Global Business in the hope of gaining exceptional knowledge and capabilities to pursue my future endeavors. With an MBA from the University of Southern Queensland, I look forward to taking a big step towards success, as it will not only increase my knowledge about business in today’s world, but will also open doors for me and make it possible to avail greater opportunities in my future career.

It will provide me with an advantage while applying for jobs, as it has been my dream to work in one of the leading multinational companies in the country. Apart from that, I also look forward to starting my own business after I have worked for some time.

The knowledge and experience I will gain from this degree and from a job in a reputable organization will most definitely help me succeed as an entrepreneur.”

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