Nafees Rahim

Nafees Rahim was working as Additional Secretary Finance, Government of KPK when she joined MDi Business School.

This is what she had to say about her experience at MDi:

“My choice of USQ MBA Finance degree was driven by a desire to learn international best practices and knowledge in the field of finance combined with a program format that facilitated flexibility and work-life balance. I am a civil servant and have busy job assignments which usually involve traveling to different cities. This degree helped fulfill my career and academic aspirations side by side with my work responsibilities.

I found the MBA (Finance) program very practical and useful. It clarified my concepts and enhanced knowledge on international practices in financial investments, procedures as well as tricks of the trade. The uniqueness of the course lies in course material design and teaching methodology e.g lectures, quizzes and assignments do not overburden a student. The best part is USQ faculty is readily available for guidance on all your queries.

This international experience and knowledge will give me an edge over others in my career.”

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