Mohamed El Serry

Mohamed El Serry is an Egyptian expatriate who was based in Islamabad (but traveling very frequently) and working as Head of Supply Chain, Mobilink Pakistan when he joined MDi Business School. He completed his USQ Australia MBA International Business in June 2013. Congratulations, Serry! This is an example of someone who managed his study commitments well despite a very senior management position, heavy professional workload as well as frequent domestic and international travel.

This is what he had to say about his experience of the USQ MBA at MDi Pakistan:

“As a Telecom executive working as an expatriate Director, Head of Supply Chain at Mobilink Pakistan, I had placed an MBA on my “to do list” for several years. This substantiated after my move to Islamabad. Here I became part of the MBA program at MDi Pakistan that is governed by the standard global curriculum of the University of Southern Queensland (USQ) Australia.

This program was a great enhancement to and strengthening of my understanding of business in general. It has given me a brush-up of the latest advances in a range of commercial and managerial disciplines. It has also enabled me to take a new look at my organization, operation, finance, HR and customer approach. The program has broadened my ability to manage with concrete, more relevant and measurable benefits.

The mix of theory and hands-on projects and assignments proved to be great in developing additional skills and critical thinking, all much needed in today’s global arena.

The studying methods of the program were excellent. However, with a heavy executive commitments working with very large projects, extensive hours and very tight deadlines, I found the program’s workload demanding at times.”

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