Jawwad Alam

Jawwad Alam is an Information Security Professional and an Information Systems Auditor with over ten years of work experience. He has worked in the capacity of consultant, auditor and an implementer of Information Security Management systems.

Currently, he is the Information Security Officer of a multi-national company based in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia looking after the ISMS of the holding company as well as all its subsidiaries. He completed his MBA Digital Transformation in November 2015 from University of Southern Queensland through MDi Pakistan.

This is what he had to say about his experience:

“After working on the operational side for almost ten years and having a Master’s degree in computer science, I wanted to give myself a business degree to understand the core aspects of management and to make a start in a management career.

I looked at all the MBA programs available and either they were programs with classes during work hours or weekend programs that consume the entire weekend leaving no time for family. The MBA program offered by MDi was therefore ideal for me as classes were held in the evening leaving sufficient free time on weekends. The biggest advantage of course was a globally recognized postgraduate qualification available right here in Pakistan.

The program is very intelligently designed as it does not rely on rote memorization. Instead, it enables students to develop concepts and promotes the critical analysis of situations through various assignments and essays. The assignments are not marked based on their length but rather the quality of research work done and the level of analysis performed.

As Sir Bilal Chaudhry – one of the faculty members at MDi used to say: “throw spanners in the assignment then find solutions to enhance your grade“.

I would highly recommend this MBA program to all working professionals who want to manage their jobs, family and studies simultaneously. The first semester will feel difficult but with guidance from MDi faculty and staff, you soon get the understanding of what is required and study becomes interesting and increases the knowledge.

My two years passed in a jiffy and it seems just like yesterday that I had started the MBA and today it has finished.”

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