Asim Ayaz

Asim Ayaz has been working as a Program Associate in Saudi Arabia and completed his MBA with specialization in Finance in the last four years of his twelve years engineering management career. Asim wanted to expand his career and integrate engineering and management knowledge into financial domains to execute efficiency at his work.

This is what he had to say about his experience of USQ MBA with MDi Pakistan:

“My entire life I have pushed myself to break barriers in order to achieve milestones as close as possible to my set objectives. With 8 years of engineering and management experience, I chose to do MBA with specialization in Finance to learn mathematical techniques and apply them in expanding my professional career.

My first semester was quite challenging as I had to adjust study time between work and family. It was the dedicated support and guidance of MDi and USQ staff that progressed my motivation and knowledge to manage distance learning. After balancing time among all my priorities, I realized the study method planned by MDi and USQ was very effective and helpful. There was always enough ample time between assignments, quizzes, and examinations in addition to the available time extension option.

Studying in Saudi Arabia did pose certain challenges such as unavailability of face to face classes that are conducted at MDi in Islamabad. However, MDi would step up by providing copies of needed study material and set up live online classes to attend to my specific requirements. Also, there was flexibility on registering number of courses per semester. I completed my MBA with a CGPA of 6.0 (Distinction). Not only that, the knowledge and experience I gained from this journey got me recruited to my dream job.

I attribute my distinct achievements to the very helpful MDi management and USQ’s brilliant study model, as well as the continuous patronage of my blessed family. I urge future students to seek any higher studies at USQ through MDi as that opportunity will contribute to a lifetime difference.”

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