Mohid Iftikhar

Mohid Iftikhar is one of our BBA graduates working in the public sector with the Government of Sindh, Pakistan.
This is what he shared with us about his experience at MDi Pakistan and about what he gained with the International degree:

My experience at MDi was a lesson in many ways. Over the period of three years, I found great mentors in teachers who were supportive always and kind enough to identify future prospects. After graduating with the BBA degree, I worked with a number of federal government organisations in Ministry of Labor & Manpower and Establishment Division. 

By gaining relevant experience in social development and public policy, I realized my academic interests towards the M.Phil degree in Peace & Conflict studies from National Defense University. M.Phil degree is a bridge towards a PhD. My dissertation was on Pakistan’s social, political & economic challenges from 1947-2008, where I identified challenges to the citizens as terrorism, poverty, ethnic conflict, sectarian violence, under empowerment of women, illiteracy & etc. I analyzed different theoretical debates for a direction towards harmony as Education, Religion, Confucian  theory, Democracy & Human Security.  

 Currently, I am working at Dawood University of Engineering & Technology, a public sector institute under the Government of Sindh. I work in research & Development. My future goals are working towards policy analysis and alternate solutions towards current national issues. 

My journey till now has been supported greatly by my Undergraduate degree at MDi. This was not only a step towards employment but also in furthering my ambitions.