Fee Comparison

Bachelor of Business and Commerce


Items On-campus Fee MDi Pakistan Fee
Tuition fee for 24 courses A$ 69,600 A$ 21,672
Student services and amenities fee approx. A$ 298 annually A$ 894  N.A
Total Tuition Fee A$ 70,494 A$ 21,672
 Total Investment over 3 years (in Pak Rupees) Rs. 5,287,050 Rs. 1,625,200

Other than the tuition fee on campus, international students also pay for:

  • Textbooks
  • Parking fees if you are on-campus
  • Photocopying and printing fees
  • School or office supplies for home study
  • Accommodation fees
  • Optional Student Guild fees

Which amounts to somewhat equivalent to the tuition fee above. A budget of approx. Rs. 8 million is estimated to study the same program on campus that can be studied at just Rs. 1.6 million here at MDi Business School.