Why study an Australian degree via distance?

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“Why study an Australian degree via distance” is one of the important questions that we hear from many students and prospects. There are various reasons that make this option viable for many prospects.

University of Southern Queensland (USQ) Australia is considered the No.1 University for Graduate Employability. Around 70% of university students choose to study online / through education partners. USQ is known as one of the Australia’s top 3 universities for online study with virtual classroom 24/7.

All courses provide an access to online forums, discussion with fellow students, study materials, dedicated social media groups and much more to keep students engaged and motivated.

Among the various education partners around the globe, MDi Pakistan is the only education partner of USQ, Australia in Pakistan that brings an authentic international degree at a low-cost option. To know about the listing of MDi Pakistan, check out USQ link of education partners around the world.

Why choose MDi Pakistan for an international degree?

This is the question that we hear from a lot of people in Pakistan. There are a few reasons that help prospects to choose USQ programs.

  • The USQ Bachelor of Business is a 3 year degree and the only Australian program in Pakistan that is both HEC and internationally recognized.
  • The total investment of the same program is 1/3 of the cost of studying abroad.
  • USQ programs are renowned for its global reach and quality of content.
  • All assignments and examinations are prepared and assessed by the University’s faculty, ensuring standardized external testing and evaluation at all times.
  • It is a full-time study program with regular classes. Students typically receive about 2 to 3 hours of taught instruction on average daily.

Still have questions about the program? Get in touch with our team at 051 8480200 – 01 or email undergrad@mdi.com.pk