Student Stereotypes

When starting university you’ll need to be prepared to meet all different kinds of people and students, some of whom you’re going to get along with, some of whom, perhaps, not so much.

Along with those fellow students who are going to be cast into a certain category; you’ll be judged too. Having said this, there are many people out there who you do have things in common with and who you’ll want to hang out with.

This list incorporates some of the main student stereotypes that you’ll discover at university, from the introverts to the extroverts and everyone in between.

Student type #1 – The one with too many gap year memories

A gap year is a brilliant thing to experience, but not everyone will have been able to do it. So what if their gap year taught them things that education never could, or if it made them more mature than we ever could be – they won’t be making any friends at university if that’s all they can talk about.

Student type #2 – The forgetful one

The forgetful one doesn’t just forget their text-book once, or twice, or even three times. S/he forgets everything s/he could possibly need for every single lecture all term. Even the nicest classmate is going to draw the line at lending stationary at some point.

Student type #3 – The obnoxiously loud one

You’ll probably come into contact with the obnoxiously loud one. Their love of loud music makes them forget all else.

Student type #4 – The party animal

Although sharing some similar traits to the previous student type, the party animal is actually a totally different breed. To be found at any event within a five-mile radius of campus, the party animal has a big case of ‘Fear of Missing Out’ that will inevitably lead to bad grades, worried parents and an eternal hangover. The party animal sees university as one huge celebration. Certainly befriending the party animal will make your university experience an eventful one, but ultimately it’s likely that s/he will end up dropping out before re-enrolling and doing exactly the same the following year.

Student type #5 – The one that leaves everything to the last-minute

Although they’ve had seven months to prepare, research, write, and hand in their final assignment, these students still find themselves with six days left before deadline and the majority of work left unwritten.

Student type #6 – The sleeper

The sleeper is that student who can never seem to keep his/her eyelids open for more than two minutes. Although they might appear harmless, in order not to fall behind in class the sleeper needs to get a regular wake up call and a better sleeping pattern.

Student type #7 – The “typical student”

The typical student is a bit of a slob, will sometimes play his/her music a fraction too loud, might mention that gap year a few more times than strictly necessary, will sometimes forget his/her notes and will probably embarrass themselves within the first week of starting university. The typical student is probably you. But that’s okay because it’s also the majority of students. And, as long as you know, then it’ll be easy to make sure that you don’t get stuck being categorized as student stereotypes listed above.