Grading of Teachers

Grading of teachers by students is a controversial topic. Any profession demands an assessment and evaluation for improvement. Education is no different. No one likes criticism. However, constructive criticism and feedback is important for teachers to improve, evolve and ascend.

Students are the ultimate consumers. They are considered the wealth of a nation. To be educated is their right as well as duty.

This is why a system of grading of teachers by students should be introduced in schools and colleges to improve the learning and teaching environment.

  • It allows teachers to see their progress. Teachers need to know how they are doing.
  • Students may provide some insightful feedback and advice on where school faculty are needing improvement in order to be successful.
  • Teachers are accountable to students for creating an environment that fosters learning. They do this with their attitude, knowledge, maturity, sensitivity, respect, enthusiasm, connection, etc. That’s a lot to bring to the table and they should be assessed on how well they are able to bring it — or not.
  • Yes Feedback, No grades. Giving a letter grade A, B, C, etc. tells you nothing about the person and what was done in the class. It is not about a grade, it’s about feedback. The student is the teacher’s best critic. Feedback helps the teacher to improve their methods.
  • Effectiveness of Teaching. Teachers are usually tested based on the knowledge they have of the subject, but very rarely based on their teaching skills. Student evaluations might provide insightful information on the teachers’ teaching skills.