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9 Key Soft Skills To Work On

When you think about self-development or development of a team in terms of soft skills, there are 9 key soft skills that one can consider to be essential and that are usually missing from many executives. These soft skills are spread across 3 categories – professionalism, critical thinking and followership… (more…)

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Accelerated Learning

Ask scientists about what the next frontier will be for human advancement and the most likely answer will be the ability to pick up new learning in a much shorter time. Amazing productivity and quantum improvements in learning is the promise of accelerated learning. It is a quest that has gripped both individuals and organizations… (more…)

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Principles of Adult Learning

Adult Learning Theory tells us that being an effective educator involves understanding how adults learn best. Andragogy (adult learning) is a theory from the 1970′s by Malcolm Knowles, an American practitioner and theorist of adult education. The theory proposes a set of assumptions about how adults learn. It uses approaches to learning that are problem-based […]

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