Stop Overthinking. Live in the real world, not in the world of constant thinking

Overthinking means too much thinking. If you analyze everything, comment on every action, and repeat the same thoughts over and again, instead of acting, you are overthinking.

Most of the thinks we do require thinking and planning. Without thinking and planning, we might get nowhere. Thinking is a useful activity, but we need to know when to stop it and not to take it too far. It never replaces action.

Think, so that you know what to do and how, and then act, that’s should be your motto. Do not let your thoughts take control over your life.

Thinking becomes a problem when we overthink. You stop moving forward when you think over and again about everything, when you analyze everything people said, and when you run in your mind nonstop scenarios of problems of what might happen.

It is like a car that gets stuck in the sand. If you keep pressing the gas pedal, the wheels will keep spinning and digging deeper, making it even harder to get out and move on.

When you overthink, you get stuck. You waste a lot of energy and time without making any progress.

If you let a small problem take hold of your mind, and you repeatedly spin it in your mind, it would ultimately turn into a huge fence that is difficult to pass through.

  • You can save a lot of precious time and energy by not dwelling too much on each thought, word or action.
  • You will enjoy life, feel happy, and become an achiever, when you stop allowing yourself to sink into the habit of overthinking that leads nowhere.
  • Stop thinking and believing that there is a hidden meaning in everything people say. Stop taking things too personally. Stop analyzing everything people say.