Supervisory Skills

Supervisory SkillsThis 2-day workshop is designed to enable first-time supervisors to gain an understanding of the issues in real-life supervision. Participants will learn about tools and techniques used in performing their day to day supervisory role. Effective supervisors are those that are able to experiment with different approaches and styles that lead to increased productivity and efficiency. The focus of this program will be on developing a practical approach with participants that may help them to grow as future managers


Essential Goals of Supervision
Qualities of a Successful Supervisor
Supervision and Management Styles
Communications – Information to Disclosure and Feedback
Do’s and Don’ts of Communication
Planning Essentials
Delegation, Empowerment and Accountability
Values vs. Needs
Working with Groups and Teams
Coaching and Motivation
Handling Change and Uncertainty
Personal Development and Effectiveness
Personal Toolkit for taking back to the Workplace