NGO Management

NGO ManagementMDi Pakistan offers this unique and intensive 3-day program for managers and program staff to acquire skills and competencies that are specific to the NGO sector. The program aims to help managers recognize the considerable differences in management of NGOs compared to managing a business or government entity and focuses on management of important organizational processes specific to the development sector.

These will include Strategic Planning, Capacity Assessment, Resource Mobilization, Managing Linkages, and understanding management standards related to Program Effectiveness, HR, Financial Management and Governance


Management in the NGO Sector
-Differences between the Government, Business and NGO sectors
-Why management of NGOs is different
-Relevant level of evolution and consequent issues
-The changing policy context and its effect on the NGO
-How NGO Governance is different

Strategic Planning using Org. Capacity Assessment (OCA)
-Different types of processes for strategic planning
-Steps involved in strategic planning – the OCA model
-Organization at the relevant level of strategic planning
-Plan of action to improve the current planning process

Major Sources of Resource Mobilization for Sustainability
-Sources of existing wealth, sources for new wealth
-Non financial resources
-The organization’s current funding strategy
-Action plan for improving the funding base further

Managing Various Relationships Effectively
-Managing external linkages (Donors and Government)
-Managing internal relationships (Employees, Team Members and Volunteers)
-Challenges in governance and strategies to address these

The Role of Management Standards
-Standards for governance, financial management and programs
-Relate these management standards to own organization
-The benefits of implementation of these standards