Mastering Office Management Skills

Mastering Office Management SkillsSucceeding as a management assistant has become more challenging than ever before. Whether you are a high-flying executive secretary or a junior office assistant, this office management training course is designed to help you become an even more proactive professional, thus enabling you to maximize the support that you are able to provide your manager.


Greater productivity through improved work processes – improve personal organization, planning, prioritizing, eliminating time wasters, handling interruptions and crisis management – emphasis is placed on boss/secretary teamwork to improve productivity. Pre- and post-workshop meetings with the bosses improves communication and extends the impact of the workshop.

How to offer effective secretarial Services – roles & responsibilities, identify how to manage stress and solve problems for a smoother office routine

The skills and know-how to make you invaluable – build the self-awareness skills and behaviors you need to become indispensable to your boss and your organization. Develop the interpersonal skills to empower yourself

Partnering with your boss – become a proactive partner with your boss! Learn how to support your organizational and departmental goals. Adapt to various communication styles to successfully influence and work with colleagues.

Successful meeting planning – learn the skills you need to provide professional meeting planning services for your company while saving time and money through better knowledge of the process that add up to a successful meeting

Multi-tasking – multi-tasking and flexibility are key to keeping up in today’s fast-paced work environment where executives are not looking for an old-fashioned assistant who is comfortable with traditional patterns of working

Effective telephone techniques – helps the secretary handle the basics of telephone calls, effectively screen and handle routine items, work on tone of voice, projecting the right image, handling difficult callers and get results