HR Management

HRManagementManaging people is o­ne of the most critical issues of organizational management. No matter whether an organization is a non-profit, start-up enterprise, or mature business, employees are crucial to achieving objectives, delivering results and ensuring success. Effective Human Resource Management (HRM) is now known to be a fundamental aspect of successful management and organizational success

This 2-day course focuses on the concepts and practice of managing human resources and is designed to help new or aspiring HR professionals to work their way through the HRM process. The course helps to explain how to create the conditions in which the right people are found, managed, and developed so they become valued and productive members of the organization


Day O­ne
Defining HR and its Functions
Characteristics of Effective HR Management
Job Analysis
Writing Job Descriptions
The Recruitment Process
Training and Development
Employee Motivation

Day Two
Identifying the Issues that hinder Employee Performance
Managing the Rewards System
Counseling and Coaching
The Role of Performance Management in HRM
Performance Appraisals for Organizational Productivity
Action Plans and Presentations for Workplace Application