Effective Writing Skills

Effective Writing SkillsEffective writing clearly and logically tells a reader what they are required to know and what is expected of them in terms of a reaction or behavior. If your written communication, whether reports, proposals, email, letters, publications etc. is not achieving this purpose, then this 2-day course provides the solutions. The course is participant-focused, with the facilitator guiding participants through activity related to their declared professional requirements.


Core Skills
Define the purpose of a document
Write documents that focus on the reader
Structure documents logically
Use an appropriate and attractive layout
Express ideas clearly and briefly
Write in a style appropriate to the situation
Review and edit own and other documents
Evaluate documents quantitatively and qualitatively

Report Writing
Classify by function
Identify what features make a report or proposal effective
Recognize and create an effective brief or overview
Structure clearly and effectively
Evaluate for overall effect and against purpose

Other Writing Areas
Proposals, publications and newsletters
Office email and memos
Use MS Office to enhance readability and accuracy