Basic Writing Skills

Basic Writing SkillsThis program provides a foundation for those who need additional exposure and grounding in basic writing essentials. The course thus provides a bridge to a subsequent full-fledged Effective Writing Skills program. The overall objectives are to create an appreciation of what workplace writing means, to provide an understanding of basic tools and grammar, and to create a renewed interest in learning to write better.


-The Elements of Good Writing
-Difference between Informal and Formal Workplace Writing
-Top 10 Grammatical Mistakes in Writing
-Grammar Basics – what you must know
-MS Word help with Grammar and Spelling
-MS Office Tips for Better Writing
-Contents and Structure / Organization
-Using Short Sentences and Punctuation
-Ideas and Topics – Sentences and Paragraphs
-Writing Emails
-Writing Notes, Letters and Memos
-Writing Progress Reports
-Action Plan for Work