Being Positive in Good Times and in Bad Times


We hear and read about positive thinking, but there is misunderstanding of what it really is. Being positive doesn’t mean ignoring what is happening around you and living within some kind of a “positive bubble”

It is easier to think positively in comfortable situations, but not when in the midst of problems, disasters or a difficult situation, unless you are trained to do so.

Being positive, like any other skill, requires gradual development and training. No one can speak the new foreign language, before studying and practicing for some time. A person, who is not trained, cannot lift heavy weights, run or swim like a trained athlete.

Saying that everything is going to be all right, forcing yourself to smile with no reason, or ignoring problems and difficulties, without trying to solve them, is not being positive. It is being unpractical.

What Being Positive Means

Positive people expect the best and believe that a bad situation would improve, but they are also practical people. They act, not just daydream. They look for opportunities and for solutions, instead of doing nothing and blaming everybody for their troubles. They do not dwell on their problems, live in self-pity and believe that they are victims

Being positive means maintaining a constructive and optimistic state of mind in good times as well as in bad times.

When going through bad times, faced by disasters, misfortune or hardships, what good can you gain by becoming despondent, negative and unhappy? 

Why let circumstances and situations affect your moods and state of mind? Being positive might not make bad circumstances and condition disappear, as if by magic, but with a positive attitude you will be more in control of your state of mind, your reactions and your behavior, and therefore, in a better position to improve the situation.

You can dwell on the problems in your life and keep suffering, but you can also make a choice to focus on solutions, improvement and success, and refuse to let circumstances affect your mind too much.