For existing and aspiring HR professionals who need an understanding of tools and practice in organizational change, HR innovation and performance management.

The Master of Business Administration aims to produce graduates who demonstrate understanding of the theories and skills of modern management discipline areas and who have the potential to display competence in a wide range of areas relevant to management practice at senior levels.

This includes applying their knowledge of current behavioral, policy and strategic issues so as to improve organisational efficiency, analyzing and evaluating internal and external environmental forces, and developing strategic plans for the management of change.

This program requires a total of 12 courses over 2 years.

Applicants with a recognized Bachelor degree and at least 2 years of work experience will be able to apply for direct entry into the MBA.

Applicants with a recognized and credible MBA or Masters level business degree or postgraduate qualifications may be granted some exemptions on approval by USQ’s admission council.

The courses are as follows (click on the links to view the course synopsis):

MGT5000 Managing Organizational Behavior
ACC5502 Accounting and Financial Management
MKT5000 Marketing Management
ECO5000 Economics for Managers
CIS8000 Global Information Systems Strategy
MGT8033 Leading Organizational Change
MBA8000 Applied Business Research and Ethics
MGT8022 Project Based Management

plus these 4 courses for Strategic HR Management specialization and capstone:

MGT8030 Performance Management and People Development
MGT8039 Strategic Leadership
MGT8034 Strategic Management of HR and Innovation
MGT8002 Strategic Management